ICT services


Our ICT solutions support organizations to become more efficient, visible and transparent in their operations. Two examples of our ICT solutions are:

Bulk SMS

Staying connected with remote beneficiaries and project stakeholders is critical to achieving impact. We offer two-way SMS functionality to partners, and support in integrating SMS systems into their normal operations.


More people work in agriculture than in any other sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, it is still under developed and many farmers have limited access to timely and relevant agricultural information. This in turn affects productivity and farm incomes. Gutsinda has put information in the hands of rural communities by investing in developing and building Kilimo Content Platform to disseminate information and facilitate knowledge transfer. The Kulima application features an agricultural library with information on both organic and non-organic farming techniques, across different value chains. The ever growing content database describes Best Agricultural Practices and Critical Activities for production and post-harvest handling, information on common pests and diseases and strategies to combat them, and recommendations based on local knowledge and traditional agricultural practices. The platform integrates image and voice capture to assist in diagnosing problems and explaining practical solutions.
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