Supporting Group Enterprise Agents (GEAs) to support Mobile Agriculture Extension and Data collection

With support from Lutheran World Relief, Gutsinda in collaboration with AITVG is overlaying mobile technology on a network of Group Enterprise Agents in Iringa and Karagwe in Tanzania. The project dubbed ‘Nyanya ni Pesa’ is supporting farmers with mobile Ag extension on coffee and tomatoes. Using an agency model, a GEA supports a group of farmers with extension services backstopped by the project’s extension officer and the public research organization. Farmers demand for information either by calling the GEA or through regular meetings they hold. All the information on the coffee and tomato value chains is pre-loaded on the mobile phone and can be accessed even without network coverage. The information includes but not limited to agronomy, pests and disease identification and management as well as post-harvest handling practices. The GEAs also collect regular data using the Gutsinda data collection application on the mobile phone. The data sets help the project to estimate yields but also support the aggregation of inputs and yield. The data sets are linked to an online dashboard which displays timely information that enables the project to make evidence based decisions including taking timely corrective action in case of any deviation.