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Based on rigorous research methodologies to unravel the desired data and empirical evidence to support your project.

Gutsinda Kulima Content Platform

Enjoy agricultural library on organic and non-organic content information across different value chains.

Gutsinda Mobile data collection Tool

Packaged information for delivery over mobile phones, using simple language, photos, and other design elements to improve usability.

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To build robust social enterprises which promote social and economic development for rural communities through innovative and adaptable approaches.

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Many organizations in the developing world have not fully integrated ICT solutions into their core business....


This is a cloud-based monitoring and evaluation solution for building evidence-based projects and....


One of the challenges developing countries face is lack of capacity to implement, manage and sustain....

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Why use Gutsinda’s Mobile data collection mobile application?

Our Mobile data collection platform customize on saleforce.com platform, with security to ensure integrity of the data.

It enables to quickly design and deploy digital surveys without the need for technical expertise or technical infrastructure, and the analytical capabilities of our system allows for capturing and displaying data in powerful ways that inform decision making.

Real-time field visibility – ability to view submissions in real time

The application can be linked to cloud based dashboard to enable robust M&E operating system; to have better visibility of your project activities and track results, but also make mid- course corrections based on data analysis


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