CAPACITY STRENGTHENING: for sustainability

One of the challenges of developing countries is lack of capacity to implement, manage and sustain development agendas. At Gutsinda we strengthen the ability of individuals, organization, government and civil societies to set and implement development objectives on a sustainable basis. Our expertise in project planning, M&E, social sciences, education IT and education, support clients. Relying on a needs-analysis approach to identification of challenges and barriers, our teams develop targeted action plans with short and long term objectives to best meet the needs of our clients and projects. We focus on smart progress tracking systems of the capacity building outcomes, and how this is linked to partner business growth.

Gutsinda provides outcome-focused capacity building through application of adult learning principles in training and mentorship. Our aim is to help improve the effectiveness of programs and services for socially and economically disadvantaged persons and communities. We have vast experience strengthen the capacity of clients in the field of research, project management, monitoring and evaluation, resource mobilization, partnership and relationship development, organizational assessment, project design and management, and use of human centered approaches to integrate ICT innovations to project planning and management.