ICT Products and Service

Many organizations in the developing world have not fully integrated ICT solutions into their core business, and are still rooted in orthodox systems with limited efficiency, visibility and transparency. Our ICT solutions support organizations to become more efficient, visible and transparent in their operations. Two examples of our ICT solutions are:

Kulima Content Platform

Gutsinda Kulima Content Platform: is an application which features an agricultural library on organic and non-organic content information across different value chains. The agricultural content contains good agricultural practices and critical activities for production, harvest and post-harvest handling, information on common pests and diseases and mitigation measures. The content is based on recommended based on local knowledge and traditional agricultural practices. The system has capability of presenting pictures, voice recordings to assist in diagnosing the right problem or explaining how to apply a certain concept in practice. Currently, we have content on banana, coffee, maize, chill and beans.