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Research, Monitoring & Evaluation

Our research and M&E solution is based on rigorous research methodologies to unravel the desired data and empirical evidence to support your project. We leverage our extensive experience in conducting basic and applied research and evaluation studies, including pilot studies, baselines, midterm and final evaluations, as well as needs assessments and environmental scans to support your project needs. Well-versed in both single and multi-site evaluations, Gutsinda has conducted small studies and large evaluation designs in the field of health, agriculture, education, human rights and natural resources. Our evaluation designs and data collection methodologies employ both quantitative and qualitative techniques and participatory approaches tailored on client’s research and M&E needs.

Gutsinda applies both experimental (Randomization Control Trials) and non-experimental methods with expertise in using mobile technology for data collection, field force monitoring and GPS capture.

Our specialized team in ICT, social sciences, project management and M&E support partners to define M&E needs, key performance indicators, build M&E systems and maintain data management and reporting systems.

Gutsinda Mobile data collection Tool

Gutinda works with partners to package information for delivery over mobile phones, using simple language, photos, and other design elements to improve usability. Mobile surveys are designed with partners using our data collection tool to integrate with and enhance partner monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems.

We also design custom mobile solutions that can provide efficiency gains to any organization with a field force serving a rural population. By pairing technology with a human network, we help partners extend their reach, increase the frequency of interactions with target groups, and collect insights that allow for mid-course correction. We aim to accelerate partners’ impact measurement and improve returns on investment.

Why use Gutsinda’s Mobile data collection mobile application:
  • Our Mobile data collection platform customize on saleforce.com platform, with security to ensure integrity of the data.
  • It enables to quickly design and deploy digital surveys without the need for technical expertise or technical infrastructure, and the analytical capabilities of our system allows for capturing and displaying data in powerful ways that inform decision making.
  • Real-time field visibility – ability to view submissions in real time.
  • The application can be linked to cloud based dashboard to enable robust M&E operating system; to have better visibility of your project activities and track results, but also make mid- course corrections based on data analysis.
What make the Gutsinda solution unique?
  • Robust electronic data collection platform to enable real time data collection.
  • A database powered by the most popular open-source database server –MySQL. The database holds all information and their codes as well as other useful information.
  • A secure web platform that strictly allows your users to update/upload/download as well as view information.
  • Allows configuration of application on an android phone or tablet mobile phone with GPS capture capabilities.
  • Eliminate human error and time wastage in data entry.
  • The system is environmental friendly; save paper and conserves the environment as opposed to orthodox paper based data collection.
Gutsinda's ICT enabled M&E Tool

This is a cloud based monitoring and evaluation solution for building evidence based projects and virtual M&E systems to help you track and measure the performance of your projects. The solution makes project design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation easier, visible and transparent, with real time track of performance. It enables you build M&E systems to cater for data sharing and reporting in real time. The system munches data to simple statistics, visible charts and graphs depending on appropriate variables of the M&E framework. The software very easy to use, does not require IT specialists or specialized statistician. At the inception, we train and mentor the client’s project team on the solution, so that they can manage the software without relying on us or other external support.
Our system also enables two-way SMS functionality to partner beneficiaries. We support partners in integrating SMS systems into their normal M&E operations.
In all this, we focus on cautious design, planning, research intelligence, progress monitoring, reporting based on international ethical standards. We trace project progress against key performance indicators, time, cost and quality criteria to ensure that the needs of the client are met upon project finishing point.